Winning with ANPC in China

1.About ANPC


1.1 ANPC Introduction
Established in 1996, the holding company of ANPC, Hui zhi Trading Ltd, started distribution of global skin care and cosmetic products in China. In 2009, ANPC ( was established. Headquartered in Shenzhen China. ANPC is an enterprise focus in the supply chain of skin care and cosmetic products in China. ANPC operates two laboratories in France and Australia for screening and testing of foreign products.  ANPC has two factories in China for packing and quality control of the import products.  ANPC has over 200K affiliated front end shops and beauty saloon all over China.  Customers name ANPC the best Effect/Price Supplier in China.

Our bright history:
1996-2003:Hui Zhi Trading Ltd established for distribution of famous skin care and cosmetic products in China.
2003-2009: Extended business to front end shops. Operated 40 beauty saloons with the brand “NYNIA”
2009-2015:ANPC Established and started the laboratory in Australia. 2013 started the laboratory in France. 
2015-2017: Started supply chain network establishment. Work closely with global brands in entering China market. Has over 200K affiliated front end selling points in China
2017-2027: We has a strategy of establishing a platform including IT, social network, big data to integrate the front end shops. Our target is to have 550K front end selling points and will be the most preferred skincare and cosmetic supplier in China. 

1.2 Our value – Green, Technology, Innovation and Global
Green – Environment friendly in R&D, production, logistic and selling cycle 
Technology – Protect IP, comply with national and international requirements. 
Innovation – Product, standard, technology, sales and business model innovation.
Global – Source globally and establish multi-national supply chain
1.3 Vision
To be the most preferred skin care and cosmetic supplier in China.

2.ANPC Business models


3.Customers of ANPC

Over 200K shops/Counters in China
(Below Map the distribution)
Many famous Brands:Liulishiguang、Mengyuanhuanggong、Nvhuang、Nihaopiaoliang、Bailiya......


4.Networks of Suppliers


Global Suppliers including:
Hong Kong、Singapore、 Malaysia、India、 British、Germany、USA、South America、Other European Countries 


5.Business Model of ANPC


1. 5-8 Time National Conference and Exhibitions
2. Call Center for Whole China
3. Trainings for Distributors
4. Aroma Club Magazine
5. Product trial
6. Crowd Funding 

Covered all first and second tier cities and 80% of the cities in county level


6.Selling Plan




1. ANPC are interested to get the distributorship of high-quality products for Chinese market.

2. ANPC wants to get the specifications of your products with the proof and certificates. 

3. ANPC needs at least one full set of the product to be tested by our key customers.  Once we have a proven test result and if we get the distributorship we will order at least 100 units or bulks for our channel to test the market response. 

4. With the support from above, ANPC will feed back a plan to you for your products in China and we have confidence to win together in the future.

5. We look forward to a meeting with you executives.

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